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Japanese Wedding Kimono Parts

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Everything you need to know about 3 Common Kimono ...,refers%20to%20the%20inner%20armhole%20of%20the%20garment.

Do You Know Your Kimono Parts? - All About Japan
    Sode (袖): The sleeve of the kimono, it's broken down into a few parts, including furi, tamoto, sode-guchi, sode-tsuke, etc. There are also several lengths of sode . According to tradition, younger maidens wear colorful kimono with longer sleeves, called furisode (振袖), while married or older women wear tomesode (留袖), simpler, usually black, kimono with normal …

10 Kimono Layers - Japan Talk
    Nagajuban. Kimono are difficult to clean. In fact, they are often completely disassembled …

Japanese Kimono: History, Types and Different Parts - …
    Front Parts. Sode – the sleeve of the kimono; it’s broken down into a few parts: furi, tamoto, sode-guchi, sode-tsuke, etc. There are also several lengths of sode. Sode-guchi – the armholes; Ura-eri – the inner lining of the collar

Japanese Kimono - a little history - Wedding In Japan
    Koshi-himo – A sash that they tie at the waist to secure the kimono in place. Datejime – A belt that they fasten over the kimono, but under the obi, to help the obi keep its shape. Tabi – Socks specifically worn with traditional Japanese footwear. Geta / Zori – Traditional types of footwear worn with kimono.

Traditional Japanese Wedding Dresses (Shinto style ...
    The shiromuku consists of a white furisode kimono that has a trailing hem called a kakeshita. Over this, a maru or fukuro obi (broad sash) is worn around the waist and is secured by a scarf-like obi-age and a rope known as an Obi-jime. Next a second robe-like kimono known as an uchikake is put over all this.

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