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paul - Did Pharisees have to be married (Phil. 3:4b-6 ...
    As a Pharisee, an elder of Israel, would the apostle be required to have been married, at least at one time or another? paul marriage philippians. Share. Improve this question. Follow edited Sep 6 '21 at 19:55. Xeno. asked Jun 23 '21 at 6:30. Xeno Xeno.

Was the Apostle Paul Married? – Denny Burk
    Marriage was the norm for Pharisees, and it was required for rabbis (Paul was likely considered a rabbi). Paul could hardly have set himself forth as an exemplar of Pharisaical piety had he not been married ( Fee, 288, n. 7; see also Harvey McArthur on “Celibacy in Judaism at the Time of Christian Beginnings” ).

When Your Husband's a Pharisee - Faithit
    Married to a Pharisee After a year of fighting, we were both sick of our marriage. Both of us had said, “I don’t believe in divorce, but if I did . . . ” One night she said, “Before we were married, I was confident. I liked myself and thought most people liked me. After a year of marriage to you, I feel like I have lost all self-esteem.”

What Did the Scribes and Pharisees Believe About Divorce ...
    And so there’s the overriding moral law that comes into play in the whole question of marriage, and divorce, and remarriage. So here’s some context. We just jump ahead in Matthew to Matthew 19:3: “Some Pharisees came to Jesus, testing him and asking ‘Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any reason at all'”.

    The Pharisees, discountenancing such claims, insisted that the incense must be kindled by the high priest within the Holy of Holies (Sifra, Aḥare Mot, 3; Tosef., Yoma i. 8; Yoma 19b; Yer. Yoma i. 39a). On the other hand, the Pharisees introduced rites in the Temple which originated in popular custom and were without foundation in the Law.

Was the apostle Paul ever married? -
    Some believe Paul was married based on his status as a Pharisee. History tells us that to join the Sanhedrin a man must be married. Though Paul was never identified as a member of the Sanhedrin, scholars say he may have been on the path to becoming a member.

Heaven, Marriage & Resurrection - Sadducees & the Widow
    Sadducees & Marriage in Heaven So finally, when about 150 years before Christ a group of pious Jews, later called Pharisees, came to believe in life after death, they instinctively knew that the body had to be involved. Salvation was not to finally be free of the body and enjoy bliss as angelic souls, but rather the resurrection of the body.

The termination of Paul's marriage? (Was: 1 Corinthians 7 ...
    There are no grounds for thinking that this would not have taken place in Paul's family, who were strict Hebrew Jews (Phil 3:5); Paul says (Acts 23:6), "Brothers, I am a Pharisee and the son of Pharisees." 3. Paul expressly states (Acts 22:3; Phil 3:4-6; and especially Gal 1:13-14) that he followed the traditions of his people.

Bible Q | Was Paul married? If so, what happened to his wife?
    However, we don’t know with absolute certainty if Paul was married before or after this — although, Paul’s emphasis on remaining single would suggest that he didn’t marry after he wrote 1 Corinthians. It’s sometimes suggested that Paul needed to be married to be a member of the party of the Pharisees.

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